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I’m James, I’ll plug the gap between your next hire and the job that needs to be done right now.

I’ll work with your team building out a solid front-end blueprint while helping you locate and train in‑house talent to take it to the next level.

Iterate & scale (without clocking miles at career fairs)

Unlike freelancers, contractors and junior hires that might burn through cash, take eons to ramp up or just got AWOL; I'll solve your immediate pain now, allowing you to iterate fast and scale quickly.

When you’re ready I’ll help you find and train in-house staff, who will know exactly how your product works (inside and out) to help you secure funding and hit that next major milestone.

My previous clients have their say

I really enjoyed working with James because he cared about staying true to the design and taking time to get clarity about the ui elements and intended interactions. It was nice to be able to rely on his expertise with development and his thoughtful suggestions. He’s very communicative and easy to reach which is really important when you’re trying to hit tight deadlines! It’s rare to find someone who is both an expert in his field and very open to feedback and critique to help you get the best design.

Jennifer Tang, Product Designer

It's not easy being a self-funded start-up, especially when going it alone. James has became an integral part of my team, sharing his knowledge of web development and making valuable recommendations. What stands out for me is the wonderful experience that James was able to create. He broke from the industry standard of long, boring, wordy forms for customizing books and instead created a sleek, easy-to-use app that we've named the “Character Builder.” The site is truly user-friendly and the design is very clean, not dizzying like many other sites selling children's products. I would venture to guess that James' MFA helped drive the creative solutions to problems we faced.

Jill Barletti, Founder
Snowflake Stories LLC

James is the kind of web developer every designer loves to work with. He's friendly, has great attention to detail and is a whiz at converting designs into responsive websites.

Marcus Handa, UI Designer
HM Design

Case Studies

Snowflake Stories LLC used ZURB Foundation, Angular and UI-Router to make their product pipeline fun and easy to use.

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eMoneyPool used ZURB Foundation and Angular to build out their agency designs and increase signups.

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Nexderm used ZURB Foundation and Drupal to build an intuitive mobile-first e-commerce experience.

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